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Healthy Turf with Core Nutrients

The biological objective of turfgrass is to produce long chain complete proteins. A plant that does not make long chain proteins will always repeat the process, often exhausting itself. As the plant goes through the cycle over and over again, it accumulates more and more nitrogen, making it more susceptible to pathogen attack. Pathogens feed on nitrogen and simple amino acids. Pathogens cannot metabolize long chain proteins. The golf and sports field turfgrass is rich in unlinked nitrogen which does not meet its biological objective.

One of our all star products "Tru-Pro" provides the turf with amino acid nitrogen as a long chain protein. The amino acid nitrogen provides an immediate protein fix and the process of accelerated free nitrogen accumulation is slowed. Intensely managed turf will never produce a full contingent of proteins. The pyro phosphate constituent in Tru-Pro supplies ATP energy for the Krebs Cycle which enables the plant to convert nitrogen to protein.

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