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In Canada, Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on 17 October 2018 and made Canada the second country in the world to formally legalize the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of cannabis and its by-products.

Cannabis, like any other plant, can benefit greatly from foliar nutrient applications, especially for a quick deficiency fix. Whether you are growing outdoors or hydroponically, we've got you covered.

Our Products

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Serentity has a 1-5-5 with a Fulvic base.  This fulvic base allows the plant to take advantage of nutrients in the soil that it could not or would not have access too.  This natural fulvic has a nitrogen and sulfur availability to assist the plant in all growth stages.  The biostimulant package in this formula is more balanced with gibberellins, Cytokinins, and auxins



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Radiance has a 7-2-3 with an ammononia lactate base that uses long chain proteins to assist in making up for the missing natural sun light. There is a biostimulant package that is weighted heavily on pushing roots and less height on the foliage. This would mean that it is more heavily weighted to cytokinin and auxin with a very very light balance of gibberellins.

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