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It's hot out there....

Heat Stress Application

These products are designed to keep your turf happy and healthy in the hot summer months!

Save 10% off individual products or 15% off an entire app when you place an order before August 1st, 2023. Just mention promo code HEATSTRESS2023 when you order...your turf will thank you.



There is a reason we put this product in every tank mix. Tru-Pro provides the plant with amino acid nitrogen, which conserves energy within the plant so it can focus on other biological processes.


Rebound is packed with essential micro nutrients that are usually deficient in most golf greens and tees. This product is designed to help your turf bounce back from issues that arise due to heat stress. 



Turf Aire is a Calcium based product that provides the plant with a boost of carbohydrates to ensure maximum performance during periods of excessive heat.

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