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A division of Core Turf Consulting Inc. offers over 30 years of extensive experience in plant nutrients, we offer guaranteed nutrient solutions for the Turfgrass, Agricultural, and Cannabis industries based on proven science.


Our true foliar nutrient products were developed by Travis Jones, the pioneer of auxiliary and bio-stimulant turf and ag products. Our products are the 4th and latest generation of Travis’s brilliant and innovative work. 

Our hormone blends are designed to match the requirements of the targeted plant. Check out our products page for more info!

We use highly bioactive, low molecular weight organic acids which increases absorption of foliar nutrients through the plant stomata. Our products contain polycarboxylic amino saccharides which induce efficiency in producing carbohydrates. We also use proprietary antitoxidants.

The overall health of all plants is directly dependent on the core development of the supporting root system. Our approach is to induce optimum soil and plant health. To achieve this standard, we study the mutual relationship of the soil, water and fertility, always considering the chemical, physical and microbial balance of the root zone. 

We like to start with a reliable soil test to get an idea of nutrient availability. Then we build a program specifically to match your soils needs.

To read more about our soil analysis process

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