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VINEYARD MICROS is a proprietary formulation of auxiliary micronutrients sequestered with amino carboxylic acid. VINEYARD MICROS is fortified with amino acids and natural fermentation extracts.

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VINEYARD Ca is a proprietary formulation of major and secondary nutrients designed for foliar supplementation of nutrition on vineyards. Nutritional components provide for energy, cell division, and mitigate respiration stress. VINEYARD Ca if fortified with natural fermentation extracts, plant enzymes, and specific organic acids that aid in absorption.

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VINEYARD-K is proprietary formulation of potassium and carbon synergists designed for use on vineyards. VINEYARD-K absorbs quickly though the foliage and supplements soil potassium.

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VINEYARD N is a proprietary formulation of nitrogen sequestered in a low molecular weight organic acid, and natural fermentation extracts.

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VINEYARD GREEN is a chelated magnesium compound that is fortified with carbon synergists. It is designed for use as a foliar supplement on vineyards. Magnesium is the anchor element in chlorophyll formation.

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CROP POWER-47 is a proprietary formulation of nutrients, fortified with natural seaweed extracts, enzymes, organic acids, natural fermentation extracts and plant derived biostimulants. It also contains a proprietary carbon synergist (SYNERGIZE C-3).

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CONNECT is a unique formulation of plant nutrients fortified with natural biostimulants, proprietary carbon synergists, and plant fermentation extracts. Though a proprietary process we are able to incorporate many important features into one product.

DUROX is a proprietary formulation of calcium, magnesium, and boron designed for foliar use on a wide array of crops. It is fortified with the carbon synergist (SYNERGIZE C-3), and ENERGIZE FE, a proprietary combination of natural biostimulants and plant fermentation extracts.

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DRIP LINE is a highly concentrated surfactant soil penetrant, line cleaner that is designed to maximize water flow though drip irrigation lines and emitter tape irrigation systems. When used as directed DRIP LINE helps to reduce buildup in lines due to water and soil impurities.

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